The Gunbail APP is an innovative community policing tool that promotes positive officer/offender engagement and relationship to help tackle illegal street guns.
Gunbail provides Law Enforcement Officers with the software support to safely target and confiscate illicitly held weapons, eliminating unnecessary arrests and incarcerations for lower level nonviolent offenders at the same time. It facilitates the recovery of illicit firearms from criminal circulation while promoting community engagement and support of officers.

For municipalities, the Gunbail platform also offers opportunities for significant savings from the costs associated with the traditional criminal justice process of arrest, pretrial housing, and prosecution of many low-level nonviolent individuals. Gunbail offers a value proposition that the product directly contributes to reducing the number of unlawfully possessed guns in circulation within the community, reduces pretrial incarceration it and gun violence costs, generates tax revenue and improves police/ community relations. Also, the primary market entities for any municipality are the city leaders and law enforcement agencies. While for the would-be offender, the incentive is that surrendering an illicit firearm in lieu of jail provides a solution to self-preservation. The offender is also influenced by law enforcement interventions in the form of referrals of eligible offenders to the appropriate community resources for support, rehabilitation, and redirection.

How it works


Upload images of your weapon for submission.


Show directions for nearest gun/pawn dealer.


App notifies the nearest police station.


Gunbail is a secure software platform and App, providing technical support for law enforcement agencies, conducting gun violence interdiction, community policing, and arrest diversion operations.Gunbail’s technological tools help Police Departments to remotely target and confiscate illicitly held guns from criminal possession/circulation within their districts at scale.



Districts that equip their field officers with Gunbail software provide them the opportunity to conveniently expand almost any encounter with a nonviolent offender into an illegal gun interdiction and recovery. Gunbail Pre-arrest Diversion Platform supports operations that target nonviolent offenders who might be in direct or indirect possession and/or knowledge of any illegally obtained firearm for surrender and recovery.

Our software conveniently provides officers with an effecient tool to

A)​ ​Evaluate nonviolent offender/detainee’s eligibility for pre-arrest Diversion in the field.

B)​ Offer Gunbail’s jail diversion proposition to the nonviolent offenders during the pre-arrest stage of an enforcement encounter/arrest.

C)​ Initiate & track all Gunbail surrenders from the field via specialized hardware (iPad) provided to the Police Department by Gunbail INC.

D)​ Safely & remotely convert nonviolent enforcement engagements with offenders into potential illegal gun interdictions and/or jail diversion opportunities. The Gunbail model incentivizes pre-booked offenders by offering them the opportunity to willingly arrange for the submission of an unlawfully possessed firearm (via Gunbail app), which can further facilitate in avoiding criminal arrest, subsequent prosecution, Bail requirements, and pretrial housing cost.


Through partnerships with national and local federally licensed firearm/Pawn dealers (FFL’s), Gunbail serves as a third-party intermediary between participating offender’s support system (actual app user/illegal gun yielder) and the law enforcement agencies. Once the offender’s support system completes the gun surrender, initiated by Gunbail, to nearest authorized Gunbail dealer, Law enforcement can then complete the transaction by taking in custody the surrendered weapons from the FFL.


70%+of violent felons have a history of NON-VIOLENT prior arrest

50%+of gunshot victims have a history of prior arrest

55%of NON-VIOLENT arrestees report to having easy access to an illegal gun

75%​of them remain in custody simply because they cannot afford to post traditional financial bail release..

99%​​of arrested offenders prefer freedom over JAIL!!!

Why GunBail


Founder and CEO of Gunbail is a formerly convicted felon turned anti-gun violence advocate and social impact techpreneur. Growing up as an African American from the impoverished inner city streets of Baltimore MD, Mr. Brooks has deep personal knowledge of how today's socio-economic conditions negatively affect our urban communities of color. Having witnessed firsthand the violence and devastation wrought on minority communities by the proliferation of illegal guns, Mr. Brooks has spent years devising ways to channel his negative experiences as a youth to reduce the gun violence of today.


U.S. Cities

Our solution to gun violence can benefit U.S. cities in a number of measurable ways. Hence, our simple ask is to gain support for a minimum 180 day private pilot program in the worst district area. A (private) pilot program with the Metropolitan Police dept would come at NO cost to the municipal budget.


The field officers solely determine the offenders’ eligibility. Officers are encouraged to exercise discretion as to except or divert the individuals it deems eligible for arrest/jail diversion. The officer will assess only low-level nonviolent offenders, participating in the Gunbail Pre-arrest Diversion Program, ensuring an increased number of individuals, voluntarily participating in the successful surrender of an illicitly obtained firearm.
Gunbail is designed for at-risk populations in high crime areas affected by persistent gun violence, repeat offenders, and those most “likely” to have access to an illicitly obtained firearm. The Gunbail Pre-arrest Diversion Platform primarily focuses on accountability voluntarily demonstrated through the temporarily captured individuals willingness to arrange for the surrender of an illegal firearm to local authorities in lieu of arrest.

Thank you for your time and consideration of our solution. Please feel free to contact us to schedule a live demo at:

Best Regards,

Trevor Brooks (founder)